When is Spousal Maintenance Appropriate?

When you’re stuck in a marriage you no longer want to be in, it can be easy to feel trapped, especially if your spouse is the primary breadwinner for your family. Even when divorce seems like a reasonable choice from an emotional standpoint, the potential expenses (such as legal fees), on top of the loss of shared income and marital property, can be a massive deterrent against seeking separation from your partner.  This is exactly why the law of equitable distribution, child support and spousal maintenance were created.

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Obtaining an Order of Protection as the Victim of Domestic Violence

Orders of protection can be obtained by a person who feels that another individual has committed a crime or a family offense against them. They are typically issued by a judge in Family Court when a victim of domestic violence feels threatened or has been hurt by his or her abuser. An Order of protection can be an important tool in providing safety to victims and offer legal protection by the Courts and/or the police if the abuser comes in contact with or threatens the victim in violation of the terms of the order of protection.
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