Divorce Mediation and its Benefits

Mediation is one of the least recognized methods of resolving divorce matters but is extremely efficient and cost effective. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) held in an informal setting, where the divorcing parties can resolve their differences without the stress or cost of a formal court proceeding. And for many people, mediation can help avoid the difficulties inherent in the court system. Continue reading “Divorce Mediation and its Benefits”

Getting Divorced Later in Life Can Impact Retirement

When a couple gets divorced, the initial thoughts are usually centered around who receives the tangible assets?  Parties may readily consider the house, the car, bank accounts etc., but what is often forgotten is the impact divorce may have on your retirement plan. The longer the marriage, and the closer the parties are to retirement, the more the retirement plan can be disrupted. 

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Jeff Bezos to Divorce Without Prenup

Founder and lead shareholder of Amazon.com Inc., Jeff Bezos, and wife, Mackenzie, have recently announced via social media that they will be divorcing after 25 years of marriage. Recognized as the wealthiest man in the world, Jeff Bezos possesses a net worth of nearly $137 billion, most of which he acquired during the course of his marriage. Many have been wondering what the outcome will be, considering that Bezos did not have a standing prenuptial agreement in place. As a result, the terms of their divorce may vary depending upon the state in which they dissolve their marriage. 

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What to Do When Your Former Lover Is a Narcissist

If you are involved in a contentious divorce, here are some tips to make the divorce process a bit easier when dealing with a narcissistic spouse:

Surround Yourself with Supportive People
Don’t listen to their negativity. A narcissistic spouse is usually mentally and verbally abusive. With that being said, try to concentrate on moving forward. Speak with a licensed therapist about your former lover’s behavior. Your former spouse may try to convince you and everyone around you that the divorce is your fault. While their words and actions may be hurtful, you are aware of the truth and those closest to you will not believe their words. Therefore, do not let their behavior consume your life during this already emotional time. During this time, it is important to surround yourself with positive people and positive activities.
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