Child Protective Proceedings (Abuse and Neglect)

Long Island Family Law Attorney

If you have been accused of abuse or neglect of a child, you must find an attorney that is experienced in this very specialized area of law. Be aware that there are not many attorneys that handle a high volume of these cases and gain the experience needed to properly defend you. As a member of a select panel of attorneys that are assigned to represent mothers, fathers, or children in these proceedings, Heather A. Fig is experienced and well versed in this area of law.

We handle more than one hundred abuse and neglect related matters each year. We have taken many of these cases to trial and have won dismissals of the allegations for a number of our clients. The outcome of abuse and neglect proceedings can also have an impact on custody, visitation, related criminal matters and even, in certain circumstances, your employment.

Often criminal charges are simultaneously filed regarding the same set of facts which gave rise to the abuse and/or neglect proceeding. The outcome of your child protective proceeding can often affect an open criminal matter; therefore, your attorney must have experience and expertise in both criminal and abuse/neglect proceedings in order to properly represent your interest. As a former criminal prosecutor in Brooklyn (Kings County), Ms. Fig has particular knowledge of the criminal system and what effect child protective proceedings may have on a criminal matter.

Our experienced staff will help you analyze the facts of your case and develop an informed and proper legal strategy that will consider all of the possible ramifications a child protective proceeding may have on your life. We look forward meeting you for a free consultation.