Child Custody

Long Island Child Custody Lawyer

Custody and visitation of children is often an issue that is hotly contested. There are many factors that will affect a custody and visitation determination. A thorough exploration of the relevant facts is necessary in order to create a proper legal strategy. The following are some of the very relevant facts that will need to be considered:

  • the child’s age and gender
  • who has been the primary caretaker of the child in the past
  • each parent’s future availability to care for the child
  • each parent’s work schedule, income, substance abuse history, child protective services history, and use of corporal punishment
  • child’s preference of caretaker
  • any special needs of a child
  • exposure of the child to paramours
  • siblings of either whole or half blood
  • the amount of time each party spends with a child
  • the activities each party engages in with the child

It is important to engage an experienced and professional attorney from the beginning of your case. Custody issues can often take time to be resolved. With the right legal strategy, you can use this time wisely in order to obtain your preferred result. With proper planning and guidance, you can present your situation to a judge in such a manner that may allow you to obtain custody if you so choose. We will be happy to meet with you in order to discuss your options and the best means by which you should proceed.