What to Do When Your Former Lover Is a Narcissist

If you are involved in a contentious divorce, here are some tips to make the divorce process a bit easier when dealing with a narcissistic spouse:

Surround Yourself with Supportive People
Don’t listen to their negativity. A narcissistic spouse is usually mentally and verbally abusive. With that being said, try to concentrate on moving forward. Speak with a licensed therapist about your former lover’s behavior. Your former spouse may try to convince you and everyone around you that the divorce is your fault. While their words and actions may be hurtful, you are aware of the truth and those closest to you will not believe their words. Therefore, do not let their behavior consume your life during this already emotional time. During this time, it is important to surround yourself with positive people and positive activities.

It Is About Being Fair
There is no such thing as winning or losing in a divorce. It is important to always be fair when dividing up assets or property. A narcissistic spouse will likely approach the divorce as a competition, which can be emotionally and physically draining.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Sucked In
Most narcissists will try to trap you into expressing an apology in order to use this against you during the divorce as well as to feed their ego. Do not fall for their tricks!

Always Make Sure You Are Safe
If a narcissistic spouse becomes physically abusive, obtain a restraining order by immediately contacting your local police department and an experienced attorney.

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