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If you or your spouse have made a decision to become divorced or separated, or you are facing an issue concerning Family Law, (custody, visitation, neglect or abuse of a child, child support, order of protection, terminations of parental rights, or the like), you most likely have many legal issues that must be addressed. It is imperative that you seek the advice of a professional, ethical and experienced attorney to guide you properly through this process. Without the proper legal advice from the very beginning, you will waste time, money and a great deal of emotional energy on unnecessary litigation and the pursuit of an improper legal strategy. Horror stories of friends, relatives and acquaintances abound of tremendous bills for legal services, years and years of litigation without resolution, and disastrous outcomes in Court decisions.

Our experienced staff will listen to your needs and your concerns in order to customize a legal strategy that will most effectively and efficiently achieve your goals and protect your legal rights thus avoiding a horror story in your life. We will not tell you what you want to hear in order to get your money. We will give a real picture of what to expect and your options. This will save you time, legal fees and avoid unnecessary anxiety and friction in your life. Starting with the right attorney will save you legal fees and most effectively protect your legal rights. Do not waste your time, money and emotional energy on the wrong legal team. Getting the best results for you is our top, and only, priority.

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